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Oil & gas discussion group for those interested in San Agustine County, TX. Share your experience regarding lease bonus, royalty rates, drilling activity, and oil & gas news.

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Does anyone have any information about the activity in Saint Augustine and Shelby County areas?

My land is in Patroon Texas…do I qualify to join your grouP?

I will soon…I am new at this…we are signing our lease soon…In Shelby County…:smiley:

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I’m looking for a referral for an Attorney to look over my documents…do you know of one?

Hi, DeeDee. No, I am also new to this. I am trying to learn what I can about the whole thing. It seems like a lot of people are finding out they own mineral rights and a lot of people are trying to lease them. My gut feeling is to go slowly and do your homework. Here is a website I found:

Thank you very much!! Are you close to my area?

yeah…so I hear…my land is from my grandmother Monroe…she married a Jones…but the land was from her family…I am sooo excited about this…I’m trying to get my brother and sisters to learn along with me…maybe this will help us all…:smiley:

thank you, MIke

I have received lease offers each of the last two years from different exploration companies on my mineral interests in San Augustine County, Texas. I am corresponding with the agent of the most recent entity to offer a lease and researching from afar as I don't leave nearby. Is anyone aware of exploration activity or gas wells that have been completed within the last 12 months in San Augustine County? Has anyone else received a recent lease offer and, if so, from which company?

There are lots of wells completed and a few being drilled in north western SA county. They are finishing one on my property now. I talked with an EXCO rep earlier this week. He said due to the price of natural gas they are just drilling to hold leases now. What part of SA is your land in?

Suzanne, my interests are in the vicinity of Geneva along highway 21.

I am an oil and gas attorney in Texas and have done some work in the San Augustine area. Can I ask what sort of information you are looking for? Are you familiar with researching county records and the online resources of the Railroad Commission of Texas?

I just received a lease fron a oil and gas company , it wa for $5oo acera and 1|6 rolity is this a good offer . my land is north of san augertine in san augestine county

A 1/4 royalty seems to still be the norm for the area. Do you know the name of the Operator or Broker thats making the offer and also how long the lease term is? I have acreage available near the new James Lime wells to the south of San Augustine.

To Margaret: in regard to your recent offer from Lessee - for 1/6 royalty and $500/ac bonus:

Would that offer happen to be from Consolidated Property in the Enoch Jones Sur? I am negotiating with them for a good friend - and by the way that is not a "market" offer. Bonus is currently around the $1500 level and 1/6 royalty is too low. I have advised my friend to demand $1500/ac and 1/5 for 3 yrs. That is a reasonable offer and any reputable lessee would gladly pay that.

Searching for family members of Matt Nobles associated with mineral rights for land located in San Augustine County.

My wife signed a lease early on, when leasing was just starting, before drilling. She got $400 an acre and 1/4 minerals. She could have gotten $500. an acre, but live and learn, still is nice money coming in from the gas and now oil wells. She doesn't own the land, just part of the minerals.

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