Salt Creek Pipeline

Anyone getting offers for Salt Creek Pipeline from Sage Resources? Got a call today. I know nothing of pipelines. They say 81 rods likely. Have no idea about price per rod and also is it a one time payment or is it ongoing? Any light you can shed on this would be helpful.

A Rod is 116 feet. Price runs anywhere from $125/rod (12" pipe) on up depending upon size of pipe. Get a lawyer to negotiate, since there are many issues, like the easement should be temporary for 10 yrs or under. Surface impacts are possible too All the best of luck. r / navgoat

I believe a rod is 16.5 feet

That is correct, a rod is 16.5 feet. In my recent dealings with Salt Creek they’ve paid $400-500 per rod for 12 inch and 8 inch lines. It usually a one time payment, although some companies will work with you on renewable term easements for a cheaper price.

Thank you Nic…just sent you a connection.

Yes, sorry, my typing was bad. 16.5 ft is correct. r / Fred

Damages due to leakage is also an issue your lawyer should include in your ROW agreement!