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Hi, My name is Aaron Boatright,

My father owns mineral rights in southern Illinois and since his passing, I'm trying to help my mother and aunt in negotiating their lease.

Can anyone give me some insight as to what is currently going on? What is the going rate per acre in Saline Co? And what the current royalty amount is at?

Any help would be appreciated... If you'd like to send me a private message i can be reached at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Sincere Thank You

Aaron Boatright

I inherited a small amount of G&O rights, not the land. Is there a market for selling it. I have a lease with Nextenergy, has 2 more years. Betsy

Hi Betsy, you might read your lease a little closer; most have rules in them about how long the lease lasts if there's any kind of production. The length mentioned in the paying portion can be extended by simply parking a dozer next to wherever they want to drill.

It may also have a seam or bed coal component. You may want to talk with a professional landman about selling, we've been contacted by a group in Carbondale that wants to purchase fractional interests in our holdings in Hamilton, White and Saline counties.

The best thing would be to keep your minerals, get paid for them, and only sell a tiny portion for quick cash if you need it.

If you need a contact with the folks in C'dale; it's a family-owned business called, The Rochman Group. Stick to your guns, and get as much cash as you can, while retaining as much as possible of your inheritance.

Betsy, I may be interested in purchasing your minerals. Please send me a PM.

How do I find out the status on the minerals I own? If there is drilling around the acre, etc.