Sales Offer Per Net Mineral Acre Reeves County, TX

Does anyone know what the market value is per NMA, Section 47, Block 50 in Reeves County, TX

Do you know what the abstract or the township of your property is located?

Section 47, Block 50, Township 8S - This has some Occidental wells on it (Lynx Unit 38). If you own here you should be getting checks every month.

Section 47, Block 50, Township 7S - This has a couple of permits on it by a company named Bluestone Natural Resources. If you own here you should be under lease.

Either way, those minerals are worth $20,000 to $30,000 per net mineral acre depending on if you can find the right buyer.

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I have some mineral rights in section 8 block 56 psl survey

Is that a good area I have a landman driving me crazy over it

Landman driving you crazy over it is usually a good sign. Very solid area, but with high gas to oil ratio. PDC has an operating well in the east half and looks like the well in the west half failed, but that could be an operator issue instead of geology.

If I had minerals there I wouldn’t sell them. Someone will come through and drill more wells in the next few years.

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