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I was wondering if anyone knows of any sale activity in Pecos County. I own some mineral rights in Block 137 and I was wondering what the sale market has been like in the area. I am happy to share more details via direct message if anyone has pertinent information. Thank you in advance.

I have no idea about sale prices for minerals in Blk 137. It doesn’t appear that an oil or gas well has ever been drilled in Blk 137. If someone has suddenly taken an interest in buying your minerals, it could mean that there is a chance for drilling activity.

This link will open the Texas RRC GIS Map Viewer on a well which was drilled approximately five miles east of Blk 137. There could be non-petroleum minerals of value, as well.

After you open the map viewer, click on the magnifying glass icon in the blue rectangle at the top of the map, and then click on “Surveys” in the generated drop down menu.

In the pop up box that appears, choose “Pecos” county and enter “137” in the “Block” field and then click the “Query” button. This will blue (color) highlight all of Block 137 on the map.

Use the vertical magnification bar on the left side of the map to slightly zoom out to get a better perspective. You can also right click and hold your mouse to move the map relative to the center of your monitor.

Boy, Block 137 is definitely a dead zone. No production, no wells and no leases in the last ten years. Leases are depicted by the orange circles in the Drilling Info image below (Block 137 is highlighted):

Maybe the surface owner wants to consolidate the surface and minerals

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