Sale of minerals

I have a question can a mineral owner within a 640 acres spacing unit that has two producing wells sell mineral rights in these two boreholes and retain HBP minerals outside the bore hole?

I'm sure you may do so. Whether it would be worthwhile to do so would depend on many factors. If I were a buyer I would be offering a low price to make sure I recovered my investment because I wouldn't have all the minerals and future drilling as a backstop in case I overestimated the value from those two wells.

There are many variations on a sale including the royalty (not the underlying minerals) on the two bores, even limiting it to a period of time (term), or a dollar amount of royalty recoupment (called a production payment)

Alternatively, if you have a short term cash need, you might consider a royalty loan.

Hi Ledlie -

I agree with both RW and Donald.

What someone would offer you would be lower than if you were selling all or even a part of your minerals but in the entire tract.

And if it is a short term cash need, you might consider selling or mortgaging your existing revenue stream or a part of it.

Ledlie, if you're needing assistance drafting a deed to accomplish that, you may want to consider reaching out to one of the forum sponsors that handle mineral transactions: