Sale of Minerals

I'm wondering how to sell 2 1/2 acres of minerals in Blaine County, located at Sec 8, 16N, 13 West. What would this be worth? Is there any reason to keep such a small area? I'm very new at this. Thank you

Google mineral buyers. You'll find plenty. Call around and get some prices. Not sure about the activity in that area. Seems like they are really just getting started in that area.

You'll probably get a range of prices depending on how interested in that area a buyer is. Ive had offers from 55oo to 13500 and I'm in 17-12. Those prices are to low for me!

Mr./Mrs. Reed- Value will be driven by several factors. 2 key factors are is the interest under production & what royalty interest your minerals are subject to. It doesn't appear your interest is currently producing, but is in an area that has some

pre-drilling activity around it. I am interested.

If you would like to discuss further, contact me at .

Todd M. Baker