Sale of Mineral rights

My mom who lives in Ohio received a letter from Brad Lowe of Appalachian Resources Development Group offering her $1,000 per acre for her mineral rights. Is this a fair offer?

Sorry. the property is in Doddridge county WV. I thought i was in their group. If you can answer, though, I would appreciate it.


$1,000 per acre is a Ridiculously Low Price!!! I have no idea where her parcel is located, but even the worse parcels in Doddridge is worth more than $1,000.00.

I suspect their offer included a Tax Map & Parcel number and if you forward that to me, I will try to give you a better estimate of valuation.

Thank you so much!

The tax parcel number is 9999000080670000. It is located in in West Union district.


I located the tax ticket and can give you better insight. I sent you a Friend Request if you check your INBOX in the top right corner.

Thanks. I accepted the friend request.

Hi Jim

I can help get you the best offer on this please accept my friend request and I'll shoot you my number, I do not work for a broker or a mineral buying company but I work for the property owner to get you the best deal possible!!