Sale of Mineral rights

My mother who lives in Ohio received an offer from Brad Lowe of Appalachian Resources Development Group to buy her mineral rights for $1,000 an acre. Is this a fair price?

Jim, That sounds really low. I think it would be worth at least twice that much.

It may be worth that now, but you can bet, it will probably be worth more if you hold tight.

Hi Jim I’m a little late in responding. If your questions have not been answered please feel free to emai me

Jim, I would hold on. That price is very low. As a land owner, I’m getting a certified appraisal done and talking to others in the area on what they are getting paid. Remember you have to pay taxes, do a title search and see if that’s a sale or sign on bonus.

Depends if he is landlocked, HBP, etc. Many factors to this and prices are coming down more each year.