Sale of Mineral Rights in Blaine Cty, OK

I was contacted by someone a couple weeks ago regarding mineral rights in Blaine Cty. that my brother and I had inherited from our deceased mother. My brother is now also deceased. I was unaware there were still mineral interests so my need is how do I determine if indeed there still is? I understand there are deadlines involved and cannot travel to OK at this time. I live in FL. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Call the county clerk, I wouldn’t sell, maybe lease mineral rts, there is a website to ck on oil and gas, maybe someone on here can help with that

First of all and before you make up your mind on what you want to do ... ask the landman to provide you with a copy of the chain of title he researched at the courthouse. This information is how he determined you owned these minerals and what led him to contact you.

When you reference "there are deadlines" ... if you are referring to deadlines for signing the O&G lease - forget it! There are no deadlines for signing these onerous leases. You don't have to sign the lease and you don't have to sell the minerals. Don't be intimated by the landman if he is pushing for a deadline to sign.

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You can check records at:

Once you see if anything is listed in your name, then you can pay $10 starting price to view and $1. per copy to print. Well worth it.

Since your brother is deceased, whomever inherited those minerals may have to probate in OK .

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Thanks so much!

Interestingly enough, now the landman isn't returning calls when he was the one initially pursuing us so it looks like we will have to get the chain ot title you mention though the courthouse. Can this all be done online?

And thank you for you excellent follow-up response.

Sincerely, Roy & Mary

Thanks Virginia, I did see where to do that. I thought we had sold all several years ago but this landman was convinced there was remaining tracts with oil interests...

Again, thank you and be blessed!

Roy, the only deadlines that matter in OK concern the notification from the Oil Conservation Division OCD when being force pooled. Otherwise the minerals aren't going anywhere until you figure out what you want. I see many interesting long range developments going on in Blaine County and with your legal descriptions, any number of folks on the Forum can provide you with an indication of relative demand for your minerals.

Keep death certificates, wills, trust documents handy. They will help you get a better price on either a lease or sale. Most good buyers will help you get your documentation straight.

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Managment

Hi Gary,

We pulled it all together today but as a layman, how do you even determine the merit to what I was told by this landsman that has disappeared now, as to there being tracks that did not get conveyed when I sold in 2008. I went to court docs and nothing new so not sure if chasing wild hare now.

Perhaps a real estate lawyer could sort out, just not sure being here in FL.

Thanks so much for your advise. Roy


I have a great oil & gas attorney in OK City that could help you. If you want to friend me, I will be glad to share his name. He is very good and does a great job

Call the county clerk. Sometimes they will offer to help or at least refer you to one of the landmen, who are always doing research/title searches in the courthouse.

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Sounds great Pat, we will start there.

Be blessed, Roy