Sale between Devon Energy and Harvard Production

Hello…does anyone (NMoilboy might) have knowledge of the sale of Devon wells in numerous sections in Eddy County, NM to Harvard Petroleum? These are Federal lands/leases. I’m concerned primarily with the TODD wells in sections 10,15,22,23,26 and 27 T23S, R31E Eddy County New Mexico. No revenue was received this month on the TODD wells I have an ORRI in and I’m wondering when the sale was effective.

Thank you.

Not sure. NMOCD processed it June 8th, 2021. The last oil check I got from DVN on Todd 27s/26s was for March 21. So I assume one is coming from Harvard at some point.

Your mileage may vary but I kind of don’t care as long as checks come from DVN on the Maldives and the upcoming Galapagos wells. Vertical wells are sooooooo 20th century :wink: I’m just in NM 0418220A and not 0405444. And my decimal has a LOT of leading 0s cause I’m not that cool.

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