Sabine Oil Production

Family has property that is part of a horizontal drill. The well was drilled a little over 1 year ago. 05/2015

Crude production has gone from over 7000 bbl per month to just under 1000 bbl per month.

I poked around and noticed that several of the wells owned by Sabine Oil had their production go down dramatically at almost the same time. Coincidence?

Initial potential was 288 bbl per day with a choke size of 128/64.

Honestly I don't know much about the choke size, or the life of a horizontal well?

Would Sabine have the ability to cut back on production? I know that they just emerged out of bankruptcy. I don't know if this would influence the amount of production they were showing on the books. Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated.

RRC Lease No.:15425 if needed.

Could be any number of factors..

I don't know for certain but for most horizontal wells (esp. in East Texas) the decline curve from initial production is pretty steep and if they were brought on line around the same dates then that could explain why they dropped at the same time.

Or they could be reducing the amount produced to protect the reservoir from being depleted, which could be driven by several factors: RRC density and production regulations, they don't want to over-produce at sub $50bbl prices, etc.