S7 t5n r1e

We leased to Charter Oak. They sold to BP. One well was drilled on the pooled interest. Anybody know what happened to it?

Well was spudded on 2/23/17. No word on what happened afterward.

I've been watching also. We have minerals to the east in the township on the north side of the river. Hope it is a good one!

General time frame is about two months to drill and complete, so probably finished in late April. They usually don't post the completion reports until about four months after that, so that takes it to late August. You will get a division order about five months after first sales. They have to pay you by six months after first sales or they owe you interest. That puts it at about late October or early November.

Hope its a made a good well. I have a lot on interest in 5N 1E.

Thanks so much! You are a gusher of knowledge (pun intended).

any interest in sect7-5n-1w for the area?

The SW qtr of 7-5N-1W is productive. On 80 ac spacing. NE qtr is also productive.

Capstone was leasing in 2016.