S35-6N-6W Sheridan Production Company?

I have interests in section 35-6N-6W in Grady Co. Ok I noticed that one of the wells has Sheridan Production as operator. I have discovered these shares in the past year or so.

Is there production going on or has been going on in that section? and can anyone shed light on Who is doing what and when? Just wondering if I need to contact anyone for any money in suspense.


Sheridan Heiple A 1-35 has been going since July 1997. API 35-051-22670 The well you really care about is the Continental Resources Thurston 1-35H horizontal well from Mar 2015 to 2019. API-35-051-23882. This one has much more production.

You need to contact both operators.

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Tim: When you say you discovered the interest I am guessing that the minerals were in the name of deceased relative. When you contact the companies be sure to ask what title requirements are needed to put the royalties in pay status. If my hunch is correct you will need a probate. Be sure to re-post if that is the case.