S35-4n-5w (e2 ne4)

Three sisters own a small mineral interest in 35-4N-5W (E2 NE4) Grady County with production ongoing for many years. Are there currently any wells being drilled?

There is actually a horizontal well in S35 4n 5w the TRIGG 1-35H was a woodford drilled and brought online by Marathon in Feb 2012.

The pooling 201105879 and spacing 201104405 orders was filed and approved in 2011. See attached. The entire section was included in the unit, so you may need to reach out to Marathon and see what's going on with your payments.

DO you have a copy of your lease?

66-DRILLINGANDSPACING201104405.pdf (638 KB) 67-POOLING201105879.pdf (879 KB)

Thank you for posting these documents. I also have a mineral interests in S35 4n 5w along with my brother and sister and have been reading a lot on this site to understand as much as I can. It was leased in 2011 by iSystems and I never heard anything from them. The lease was for three years but the wording is confusing to me. I am not sure if the lease is active or if any oil or gas has been produced. I see my great grandfather's name in the documents you posted but am uncertain what to do to show us as owners.

Jeffrey is correct. Contact the Division Order Analysts department at Marathon. If you have inherited the acreage, then they will have to tell you how to prove your ownership through probate or affidavit of heirship documents. They may be holding funds in suspense for you. Also check the OK treasurer's office to see if there are unclaimed funds there. Make sure you go through the treasurer, not any firm that wants to "help" you (NOT).

If the well was drilled during the term of the three years of the lease and was productive, then you should be getting royalties once your detective work is done. Contact Marathon.

Thank you very much! You are very helpful!

I will give this a try. I probably don't have the perfect documents to prove ownership, but if there is a chance... it could be worth it for our family.

Well... I contacted Marathon and they called me right away after I filled out the form at their website. They were very kind and looked up some of the names of my relatives. Turns out in 1945 my grandfather and aunt let the taxes go and lost the title to the mineral rights. Interesting that they had that information. Guess my dream is lost... but the journey has been fun. Thanks for your help! This site is wonderful.

Alice, I hope your mineral interests turn out better than mine! :)