S33-T26N-R15W Current Bonus Rates?

Does anyone know the current bonus rates for S33-T26N-R15W of Woods County. Chaparral is making us an offer but I don't know if it's the going rate or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is what they were ordered to pay in the last pooling in 26n-15w .


Here are some completion reports that have been filed.



Thank you Ron! Where do you go, at occeweb.com, to find the Order records?

It is hard to get order records off OCC without the CD # which I get off a website I pay for. You can get it off OCC you just have to jump through some hoops. If you want to send me a friend request I will give you my # . You can pull up OCC and I will try to walk you through it . Or you can call OCC and they will help you. Or you can ask me to check . How did the pooling compare to your offer . There are also some clauses you may need to ask for in your lease when you get to that point. If you want a copy of an exhibit A to attach to your lease send me your email address in the friend request and I will send the attachment.

Thank you for the great info Ron! Our initial bonus offer is almost 50% less than the (near by) pooling order from last year that you showed us.