S27-03N-05W Grady County

Anyone know what’s going on in this section?

Looks like it has some wells that are active but no action for a while

Also What do you guys know about S5-04N-05W?

5-4N-5W Gulfport had quite a few cases with orders in Q1,2. Increased density. You should have gotten all the paperwork for the OCC.

I have had a company send me a contract for buying a portion of our mineral rights under 7,000 feet where another company is drilling. I need a good contract lawyer to look at this I don’t understand most of it and don’t want to make a wrong decision or jump into something

It’s in the section 7 area of carter county

This is the Grady forum.
Better to post your question in the Carter county form and give a complete section, township and range. There is a lot of buying in Carter and pending horizontal wells. You may not want to sell…

Thanks! What are your thoughts on Section 27?


The Vinson horizontal wells were drilled back in 2016-2017 from a surface location in 15 by Gulfport. They left room for more wells when the price is right. No current activity that I see. They don’t have to do anything since the section is help by production.