S24-1N-6W Stephens County

Just got an offer to buy my small interest. Marathon has a well but it doesn’t pay much. Wondering if anyone knows of new or pending activity. Thanks, Andy Davis


If you can disclose the section township and range we can find out what your section has going for it.

Continental Resources is leasing fairly heavily in the area. Given where Marathon lined up your first well, they have left room for further horizontal wells down the line.

There are quite a few land buyers out there trying to buy up acreage to sell as larger packages. Just be aware of that.

Many thanks for the information. That explains the interest. I will definitely look further into this.

I just had a look at your impressive resume. My Uncle, Thornton Davis, who’s been gone almost 30 years, was a petroleum geologist out of San Antonio for over 50 years. For many year he worked for General Crude Oil, I think on a contract basis. He was one of the first to explore the Williston Basin. But he also did a lot of independent “snooping”, and along the way picked up small interests for himself and close friends. When he died in 1970 with no direct heirs, he left a large part of his holdings to his nephews and nieces, totaling some 395 parcels in 46 counties, 10 states. Most of the holdings are very small percentages, but it has still been a wonderful gift and fun to play with.

Welcome to the mineral owners club. Hope that you will find the forum a helpful spot. The National Association of Royalty Owners is another useful place to find information and network with other owners. The more the owners help each other out, the more we benefit.