S21 14n 11w


A friend owns mineral rights in S21 14N 11W. Devon drilled a Woodford well on this lease a few years ago. What are the chances a Meramec well will be drilled here in 2017 or 2018?



Given that the Woodford well will hold the lease as HBP (held by production), there is no rush to drill any Meramec wells until they feel the price is right or they need to drill one to hold the lease if the Woodford well is plugged. Each company evaluates their portfolio of prospects differently, so no one on the outside can predict what their plans are. Anyone on the inside would get fired if they told! Given that 14N11W is in a really good spot, patience could be rewarded. I sure wouldn't sell.

You might want to read the Devon, Cimarex, Newfield, Marathon and Continental Resources Q2 and Q3 investor presentations. You will get a pretty good feel from them about what is going on.

Thank you for the reply!