S2 NE4 NE4 of Section 16-1S-2W

We have recently discovered that our dad had mineral rights in Carter County. S2 NE4 NE4 of Section 16-1S-2W. Anything going on in Carter County.

We are 4 brothers.

Welcome to the oil business!

That particular section had some wells in the past, but none are productive now. Wells all around you in conventional plays, but nothing new in your area right now. There has been a bit of leasing in sections 7, 17 and 32 in the township, so maybe something will develop closer to you in the future.

Thank you Mr. Barnes. We are trying get all of papa’s property moved ove to the estate. We brothers are surprised daily by whatever find.

There is some interest now moving down into to Carter County for Woodford, etc. Nothing that will blow up anytime soon, but it seems that the SCOOP players are now starting to look further south.

Thanks Jeff. It is an exciting time for oil and gas. I only wish my dad was here to see what is happening.