S18 t16n r13w

Does anyone know if there is drilling activity (or pending activity) in s18 t16n r13w? My wife and I have currently leased rights here that we are exploring sale options with and have not received any new information on the rights since November 2016. Any insights to drilling or sale values for the area would be appreciated. Thanks, Tim

Most of the activity around Section 18-16N-13W has been in Section 17 and 20 -16N-13W by Newfield Exploration and Continental Resources.

If you are interested in selling please contact me at bwrightok@hotmail.com

Tim, There is horizontal drilling all around you in 16N-13W. Highmark has a horizontal well approved for your section (hence your offers to buy). Most offers to buy are low to actual value. They think they can make a profit if they buy from us mineral owners and I would rather keep my profit than give it away. I do understand that some families have extenuating circumstances and selling is reasonable, but always ask for more than they offer.

If you want to get caught up on what is going on, read the last year's investor presentations from Continental Resources, Newfield, Marathon, Cimarex, Chaparral, etc. Blaine is quite active in the middle to lower part of the county and I expect quite a bit more drilling over the coming years. I attached a Blaine map so you can use it while you are reading the investor presentations to locate yourself with respect to their maps.

326-BlaineCountyMap.pdf (383 KB)