Offered @$4000 per acre, anyone have an opinion on that?

Lease or buy at $4000?


Sounds pretty good at this point. That is a better offer than we have had. Who made the offer?

Ask what they are offering for 1/5th and 1/4th. A higher royalty rate usually pays out much more in the long run than a lower rate. Also make sure you get no deductions whatsoever, no enhancement, no nothing (except for required taxes). Many other lease clauses are important. The lease they offer you is not going to be in your favor to begin with. Will need negotiation.

We have negotiated off their initial offer, and I have gotten my usual clauses included


What is the royalty being offered with the $4000/acre offer to lease?

I can help you with other information on the lease form that is important for you to consider. You can reach me at or 405-206-1112 if you want to discuss further or PM me here.

Good Luck, Todd M. Baker

Janice- If interest I’ll bet you can get more than 25% royalty. Your interest was force pooled by an order signed yesterday. You have 25 days to decide what to do. Todd