S 30 and 31 8N-4W

Has anyone had any interest on either or both of these locations. Have had some interest. Looked at McClain County filings and seems like activity is starting.



I have about one acre in 30. Hell, their drilling all over McClain and Grady County.

You got that right. Just wondering who the main players are. Several calling me.

Newfield is the main operator in the area near 30 & 31. You may get calls from several other companies that want a piece of the action.

EOG has my lease in 31 8N-4W. Are they working in the section?

EOG has quite a few pending OCC cases for sections 30 and 31. Hearings supposed to have been on Dec 16. I have not checked to see the status. You should have all those mailings if you are a mineral owner of record.

Question…today, I received the outcome (I believe) of the pending cases for Sec.30 8N 4W. Horizontal spacing, increased density and 2 cases for multiunit horizontal wells. All stated…“order dismissing cause”. Dismissed at docket call by Applicant as provided by Rule 165 : 5-9-2(e) of the Rules of Practice of the OCC. I understand that it appears that all the cases have been dismissed by OCC, but what is the rule which was stated mean? Also, any other thoughts on why these case were dismissed would be appreciated. Thanks ,in advance. Rick B.

The OCC has certain rules that they have to abide by for making determinations. They are stated by Chapter and Subchapter and then parts. Here is one citation for them. http://okrules.elaws.us/oac/title165_chapter5

I think they wanted the order entered and made effective prior to the issuance of the order-essentially back dating it. They have resubmitted the cases under new numbers. 201905589-5593 for section 30 and 31.