S/2 of Section 40 Dawson County

The lease on my mineral rights have expired and I’m interested in knowing if anyone knows who I might contact to seek an new lease or if there is activity in this part of Dawson County?

We may be interested. May I please ask which block and township? Thanks!

Was your prior lease with CGS? I know they are letting several expire without picking up the option (mine included)

Mine was with LER, I tried to contact with no response (so far).

S/2 of section 40, block M, EL&RR Ry. Co. Survey, Dawson County, Texas.

It’s NW of Lamesa, close to Welch, Texas.

Your section is due west of the section where I own some rights. I’d be interested in any info regarding this part of Dawson County as well.

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