Rules of horizontal drilling, etc

our land is on the east side of 123 just south of Pawelekville. It is being leased to EOG(almost 3 years) currently, but not receiving any royalties to date. I have received information from friends who live in the area that drilling activity is increasing in nearby areas. Does anyone know how a land owner can assure that he/she is receiving fair compensation from the leasing company since the wells are horizontal and our land is pooled with other land owners' properties?


It would help if you would futher identify the are where the minerals are located; (State/County/Township/Range, etc).

Karnes County, Texas


If you will go to "Groups" at the top of the page;then go to "County"; then go to "Texas" ; then scroll down to Karnes County......Post on this area of the forum as all parties at this site has an interest in Karnes County. Hope this helps.