Royalty Value in Carroll County, OH

I live in Carroll county, Oh. I signed a lease with Chesapeake a year ago. They are getting ready to drill a well at the end of my road. They are saying it will involve 1200 acres and have 6 well heads. My question is, I have been contacted by a royaltie company that wants to buy my roylaties. They are offering 6000.00 a acre. Has anyone done this? Any help you can give would be appreciated, this is all new to us here in Ohio.

Get a good lawyer ! It looks like they are talking about $7,200,000... No reason to argue if you own the rights as 7 big ones will handle any problems you and your family might have.

$6000 an acre sounds way high... especially from CHK which has been pulling back recently on drilling.. So you need a good lawyer.. even of it costs... spend the money.. it will be well spent.. Good luck.. DJ