Royalty statement stub explained?

could someone explain how to interpret a mewbourne oil company statement.don’t understand volume,avg price,lease taxes,lease net value,owner gross val,& owner net val.

The check stub reports both volumes and sales at both the gross well level and your royalty share. Not all checks include all data, but generally. Assuming an oil well with no gas. At the gross well level - 100% of the volume bbl sold and the gross sales value. The price is equal to the Gross Sales divided by the bbl sold. There is usually a line for the severance tax paid to the state. For gas, you could have transportation, gathering, marketing and processing costs. Generally oil has no costs. The Gross Sales less Severance Tax less costs (if any) equals the Net Sales. Most checks will then show your royalty share of these volumes and values, determined by multiplying your royalty decimal times the gross figures. Simplistically, Volume 1,000 bbl and Gross Sales of $50,000 - so price is $50. Severance tax of $4,000 and no costs. Net Sales = $46,000. Your royalty decimal of 0.005. Your Royalty Gross Sales = $50,000 X 0.005 = $250. Your Royalty Severance Tax = $20. Your Royalty Net Sales = $46,000 X 0.005 = $230. (Same as $250 - 20 = $230)