Royalty Statement - PINT

I received first payment from Native Exploration and it shows a category of “PINT” - can someone tell me what this means?

My guess is Payment of Interest because they were late in paying the first check. There should be a code at the bottom or top of the check stub statement.

my operator responds to royalty stub queries by e-mail


You’re right. I called Native and they were very helpful. Actually, I was reading it wrong (need to get readers I guess). It’s Plnt (not Pint). So, stands for Plant-based products. Thanks for your help. Joyce

Every company chooses their own codes for check stubs. Type of production codes (like this one for Plant Products) can vary widely, depending on the database system, as can interest-types codes. Some systems only allow up to 3 characters for a code and those characters can be alphabetic, numeric, or a combo. Not all check stubs have a legend stating the meaning of its codes, and often those that do are outdated and not all codes seen in the stub are included in the legend. Contacting the payer is usually the only way to find out for sure.

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