Royalty Statement Code PR


Looked at the production numbers on line and found they were pumping but had a PR next to them and numbers and royalty check much lower. Does that mean there going to shut down.


Post more detail such as state and well information (name, county, API number or lease identification number) and name of payor. Do you mean check stub online or do you mean production volumes on the state website? Does your check list oil, gas and products or only oil and gas?


All I have at hand is this. Campbell county Wyoming. Flatbow 729-26H, Flatbow 731-26H, and Flatbow 003-26XH. Called EOG said this meant production run, my sister said it meant pipe rod on the spreadsheet found on the Wyoming state site. Any idea? Did they change pipe ? How often?


Oil and gas products only.


Casinghead gas and crude oil to be exact. Thanks.