Royalty Statement and OTC Gross Volumes Differerences

I have mineral interests in OK, primarily in Hughes county. I receive monthly royalty checks from several Oil and Gas producers. I have been comparing the gross volumes on my monthly royalty check statements with the gross volume production data reported to the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) and the gross volumes from one of the producers is always significantly less that the gross volume production data reported to the OTC, no matter how far back in time I go. My other producers’ monthly royalty statements almost always match OTC production gross volumes exactly. The producer in question is not returning my calls or responding to my inquiries. I don't know if I should be concerned about this and if so, should I seek legal council? Also, is there any other data source, besides the OTC gross volume production data, that has more accurate or timely information?

The OCC has production data but only partial data. The OK tax data site is what the company that sells it is reporting. I would contact the OCC and see what they can suggest. You might also check and see if the company in question is involved in a class action lawsuit. Might be time to talk to an attorney if the volumes are large.

Since you are used to going to the OTC, you will probably notice that gas volumes change frequently with adjustments. That is normal since they are back calculated and can change as companies make adjustments.

Are you getting paid for NGL's on the well(s) with the large differences? Who's the operator? Are these newer wells or legacy wells?

Good point. The NGLs don't show up as often on the OTC site. They are the "heavier" gases such as ethane, propane, butane etc. that are called natural gas liquids and are stripped off from the total gas amounts.