Royalty question - Section 26 6N 2W


First a big thank you for this forum. I have only been a member for about 3 months but have used it daily. I currently am receiving a royalty from BP on 10 acres and received a 1099 from them last week. However, at the same time I received a 1099 from CEDAR CREEK II LLC for royalties. Problem is I have never heard of them and have not received royalties from them. In searching I see that Cedar Creek and BP are at the same address in Naperville, IL. My concern is that the 2 1099 forms indicate almost TWICE the amount I have actually received. Looking for any clarification of who CEDAR CREEK II LLC is. Doing a Google doesn’t help with contact info. Thanks for all your great help.


Call Cedar Creek and find out what is going on.


I would love to, but I don’t seem to find a telephone number for them in Naperville, IL. Maybe i am just missing it. :slight_smile:


Then I would contact BP. In general, BP bought out Charter Oak in that area and is now drilling. There are quite a few Cedar Creek II LLCs. One is a wind farm affiliate of BP out of Illinois. I have a feeling that it may be a mistake for you to get the CC one. If you have your check stubs (always save them seven years according to my accountant), and you only have income from BP, then that is probably the correct one. You may need your accountant to make a note about the other one (CC) in your tax filing. Your check stub will have the phone number for BP.


Thank you as that is what I was finding also. Yes, I keep the stubs from BP although they contain little info on them. However I am using their “Owner Relations connection” and am able to download all the info. Don’t want to pay Uncle Sam more that I need! LOL Thanks for your help Martha.


I think of the check as the money part and the stub is the run sheet which you can download or get in the mail with the check. Add up the royalties for 2018 from the info sheets and they should total the 1099 or be just a month different.

Do you have surface rights with a wind farm on it? That is the only other thing I could think of if Cedar Creek was involved. I do not see them on the OTC tax site as reporting on that section.


Yes the royalties for 2018 adds up to the amount listed from the BP 1099. No don’t own any surface rights that have wind farms on it. found a number for Cedar Creek, but it is out of service and directs you to a BP number, where we are on perpetual hold!