Royalty payments

My siblings and I have 90+ acres in Sec. 14 Blk. 72 PSL that Chesapeake drilled a well on in Sept., 2008, gas well API 38932512. Our Royalty checks started about $1k per month each, then down to $600 then to $100. In Sept. 2012 they sold to Shell. Shell’s royalty checks were always $100+. In Jan. 2015 they sold to COG Operating, Midland. Since COG has had it we have only been paid $285 total, and nothing since Jan. 16. I have called them on this and keep getting a run-a-round, saying that our balance is in the negative!

Who can I contact to check to find out what is going on on this?

Will appreciate any help.

Tommy Beauchamp

Thomas- I would email them through the Owner Relations part of their website and get a written explanation as to why they think you were overpaid.