Royalty payments

About a year ago an investment company acquired all operating interest in gas wells that i have overriding royalty interest. The royalty checks were in the hundreds of dollars each month. Since this investment company acquired all operating interest in this gas field, i have not received a single check. I know mineral owners continue to receive royalty checks, but the overriding royalty owners have not. Any ideas as why the overriding owners might have been left out? And what might the responsibilities of 'company" not paying the overriding royalty owners?

You should contact the company directly and ask about your overriding royalty. It should have been in the decks transferred from first operator. You may be asked to provide more information. Do you have your recorded assignment in addition to check detail from prior operator? If you get a run-around, ask for the title opinion that shows exact issue. Call or email into royalty owner relations. You may later need to send letter if that does not work. If you post operator, well names, state ,county, and other data, you will get more responses. Your question is otherwise too theoretical for specific answers.

Thank you Tennis for your response. I lack information in my question because i do not want the company named yet. Thanks for the help and your info gives me a path to follow.

So the mystery is solved. Someone at USPS got picky. Post office accepted our payment for two months to a certain address for deposit and then refused delivery and sent back for two months and that is when company suspended payment. Payment is scheduled to be released and delivery of royalty payment will again be delivered for deposit.