Royalty payments Withheld - Is this Legal?

My Question is : I'm fairly new to mineral rights - as I inherited it from my father in 2006 he received them from my grandfather, so the original leases date back to the early 50's.

My current situation is a claim from B/P- that they overpaid me by human error on their part -

by overlooking a new owner that came on track #47 back in 2003 . They are now withholding payments till the total of $72,000 is repaid from my current production. Is this legal and if so how many years can they go back. Funnier yet, this did not come to light till after the BIG OIL SPILL.

How these clowns run their books has seized to amaze me. Any HELP would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Mr. Mullen,

The help that you request will come from consultation with an attorney. Your attorney will provide you with a game plan on how to proceed. I would suggest an attorney licensed to practice in New Mexico and certified in Oil and Gas Law.

Before you call the attorney, have the lease, the division order, all check stubs and any correspondence ready to provide in the initial consultation (basically, bring the file).

As I recall, the statute of limitations in New Mexico for claims under contract is 6 years.

Thank-you Mr Cotten of course that is more or less my next move but one thing I’v noted in my research is there is very few Lawyers or people aware of oil or gas law. Do you have any sugestions on finding _ THAT LAWYER… Wes