Royalty Payments Sec 6 T7N R4W

I have royalty interest in Section 6 , Township 7 North Range 4 West, in McClain County, Oklahoma. The Brooks 1H-6X started production January 1, 2018. Have not seen a dime from Encana. Their excuse is a complicated Division Order Title Opinion. They acknowledge receiving the DOTO September 18, 2019, Now their excuse is that they have over 500 owners and it takes time to set up in their system. Has anyone received a Division Order or payment on their royalties?

EOG is WAY BEHIND on many of their wells. They bought Newfield and are having to go through massive amounts of records. Now that they have the DOTO, it does take a while to set up the records. Since the well became active on 1/9/18, you need to send them a certified letter return receipt to request your interest payment. You might want to wait until you get your division order and make sure your interest is correct and that you have your owner number before you send the letter.

Be sure to remind them to pay interest in addition to your royalty.

Thank you for your help.