Royalty payments missed because of ownership errors in pooling orders

My family owns mineral interests in Coal County, Oklahoma which we were contacted by a landman during the pre-pooling process to correct errors in ownership. We had inherited the interests 4 years earlier from our mother. We started the process to establish heirship of record but somehow that never was finished by the landman years ago.

Now We've been missing the payments from that tract, and it has a producing well from BP for years.

Does BP have to make those royalty payments into a holding account that should be available to us now ? How would I find the amount of payments missed? Or identify the current royalty payments I should be getting? Shouldn't we have received division orders regarding the drilling beforehand ? Any suggestions on the steps to unravel this mistake and missed payments are very appreciated !


Yes the Oklahoma unclaimed property division may have this account.

The operator has to pay into and escrow account if they can't conf (by signature on Division Order) that they are paying the entity on the Division Order Title Opinion.

They will typically hold these accounts internally for 1-2 yrs but then they have to transfer it over to the state.

Sometimes you can find your information on the following site: