Royalty payments Aethon Rainier Unit

Has anyone started receiving payments from the Angelina County Aethon Rainer Unit production? Does anyone have a status on it?

In terms of status, from state records the 3H was completed and has a recent well test which is usually done right before first production. The 4H is not showing a completion record yet.

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Don’t know where things stand on royalty payments but Aethon reported first month gas sales to the Comptroller’s office (CONG) that were made in April of 447,967 mcf from the Rainier 3H and 448,913 mcf from the 4H.

Looks like the well that was completed as the 2 HB never has produced.

You might be able to learn about the royalties if you’ll go to Counties at the top of the page and post your question under the Angelina County section.

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