Royalty owner

I’m a mineral owner in Major county and have interest in several Comanache wells . I have never received any payment for NGL’s on any of the wells. Only oil and Nat gas.

If your wells are oil wells, then the gas is associated and you would not necessarily get paid for NGLS. NGLS usually go with a gas well that has wetter gases (such as ethane, propane and the butanes) and perhaps condensate with it. Sometimes the NGLS are just rolled into the gas line on your royalties and not broken out. If you see natural gas prices on those lines at much higher than the going rates for the area, then the NGLs are probably rolled into the gas line on your statement and they didn’t report a separate line for NGLs. It depends upon the operator.

You can go the OTC tax site and see what is reported, but the gas and NGLS may not match your check stubs for many reasons.

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