Royalty Owner vs.Oil Company

Now that I have your attention thru the years we have not had any major complaints in dealing with the oil companies that we are associated with. I have also found that sights like this has given the royalty owner much more information to work with than we have had in the past. My question is this I have two mineral interests that have not been recognized by the respective oil company. My recorded documents are complete and I have requested that they review the recorded information regarding these interests. How long should I give them to get back to me and what is a recourse that I should take if I continue not to hear from them in a timely manner. Do I contact the Oil and Gas Commission? Val Connell Carter

If you are speaking of your bonus check, please review your emails. If you are referring to other interest in other sections could be that the oil company just isn't interested in those sections at this time. If your interests are in a section that the oil company is interested in then you will be contacted.

Oh I guess I was not clear. They have drilled on my minerals. On one of the interests they have sent the money to the state for 22 years!!!