Royalty Interest in Montague County

First, I am new to the Mineral Web Forum and really appreciate the availability of the information. Have already been a great help to me.

My family was contacted by a land man representing Paris Oil and Gas last July 2012. We have royalty interest on two wells on the Adams Prather lease, Montague County . The wells have producing since September 2012 according to the TRRC website but still states pending. We received the ratification document in December 2012 which we returned immediately. Thus far have not received any further information. Have tried to contact Paris Oil and Gas several times but get the same information is still with the lawyer.

My questions are:

1. Why does the TRRC site continue to say pending in regards to the wells?

2. Is there anything we can do to get this process moving along? How long does it usually take to get the division order???

Any information would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you.

There is a video on the Home page which shows you how to check the status of “Pending” wells on the RRC website.