Royalty Interest Discrepancies

I have been reviewing my royalty interest payments from Chesapeake for wells located on my land or on the section I have a portion of land in. A payment I received for this month looked a little off on their calculation for my interest. I am still looking for my copy of the lease, but if I cannot find it, is that something that gets posted in the county clerks office or some other official government agency? So far, I have found that they are paying 3/16 for one well. There could be the off chance that my lease was for 3/16 instead of 1/4, but none of the other wells are coming close to that. One is less than 1/8 and I have all of the mineral rights to each location. Thanks, Jeff.

The lease or a memorandum of lease is filed in the county clerk’s office. Woods county clerk may need to be called to see if they have an online portal. They are not on You should also hunt in your files for a copy of the Division Order. The original decimal interest should match what you are getting now. That will not be at the county. Compare your stub this month to the last few months and see if they are the same. Always save your stubs for seven years for IRS purposes.

Thank you. I have been looking for all of that. These leases and wells date back ten years or more. At that time the land ownership was spread out among seven heirs. I consolidated everything into a single entity in 2015, but never noticed these discrepancies.