Royalty Interest Checks

I was wondering if anyone wasn't paid their royalty money ....I was told the company I am with is being audited and they didn't pay us anything for December of this year......Please help me if this has happened to sisters and I don't understand this at all!!!!

An audit is not an excuse for failure to pay royalties. However, if your checks less than $100, then you may get periodic payments and get paid only when total due exceeds $100. If the audit has caused the company to realize that it has overpaid you extensively and the correction is more than you were due in December, then you will not be paid until the net due is a positive number. All the adjustments will show up on the check detail on your next check.

Kathy, it looks like Shell may be the operator of your wells, and a company of that size probably wouldn't stop payments on wells due to a tax audit. What may be happening is an audit of the ownership information or production payments for the wells. It is possible that someone has presented compelling evidence that the paydeck is incorrect, and now Shell has put some or all of the owners in suspense while they get to the bottom of the discrepancy. I'd reach out to their division order department and ask for a bit more clarity on what exactly the issue is.