Royalty check

Just received division orders, what is the process from this point. I understand the royalties have been held in escrow until heirship was verified. Has anyone else had this situation?

Yes, they will give you the money for past production.

Does it start now since we have division orders or do you know if there are other steps before distribution.

Thanks for your input

If the numbers on the orders are correct, get the orders signed and returned ASAP. Depending on the operator, you will get your first payment / check 20-30 days later. This first check will include several months up to probably two months prior to the present date. Then you will get payments on a monthly basis at around the same time every month for one month's production at a time.


Make sure that your DOs have the correct percentage and all is in order on what you sign to get paid. I went through nightmares with incorrect DOs. Better correct now than later.

We signed division orders December 2013 with Statoil after they bought from Talisman back in December. Talisman is paying us but not Statoil. Royalty relations at Statoil will not return a phone call or email. We are at the point where we are going to have to hire an attorney.

So good luck with your promises when you sign one, evidently.