New guy looking to learn more information. Is 16.67% Royalties a good Royalty offer for slope county in the area of136N-Range 100W?

Thanks for any help.

Not alot happening in the area according to the NDIC Oil and Gas Division map. I won't argue whether you should accept an offer with that royalty in an area with almost no activity/track record. What I will say is make sure you get paid, don't accept a draft, order for payment or bill of exchange. They are just unenforceable IOU's. Get a check, that you can lay on the district attorneys desk like any other hot check, should they not pay you. Good luck to you, and good for you for asking questions first!

Hi guys. How far is this from 134N & 100W??

Hi. It depends on where each of you are in your respective townships. If Mr. Hewson is on the southern border of his township and you are on the northern border, you could be as close as 7 to 10 miles. If you were as far apart as you can get, you could be 20 miles or more apart.

Slope Owner said:

Hi guys. How far is this from 134N & 100W??

Our Baker Mineral Trust has Slope County mineral acres on 134 NORTH,RANGE 103 WEST, Secs 28, 21 and 17. Joshua, could you also tell us the bonus/acre and number of years of the proposed lease? Thanks, John Rowland Frederick, MD