Royalties without contract?

Hello. I received a letter from Continental Resources asking if I wanted direct deposit for royalties or a traditional check. They asked for social security number, routing, bank account number, etc… The weird thing is that I never received a division order or have no idea of a contract that I have with them. I do receive monthly min rights royalty checks from Brigham Exploration for 32 acres in the Bakken, but had absolutely no idea I had anything to do with Continental. Does anyone have any idea what this might be about? Thanks!


I would contact Continental Resources in regards to this letter requesting verification. If you never signed a Division Order associated with Continental, this sounds very "fishy" to me. I could understand if you leased with a broker and Continental ended up with the lease but you should have recieved a Division Order prior to this stage of requesting personel information.


A couple of possibilities come to mind, though neither may be the case; First, Continental may have just bought out Brigham's interest in your tract. In select areas the various companies operating in the Bakken have begun to block up their interests for production purposes. Much less likely though still possible, is that they mistakenly sent you info intended for another Joseph Schwartz with an interest in the Bakken.

Though before you send anyone your Soc Sec, or bank info determine what is going on. Simply put, pick up the phone tomorrow and call Continental. Ask someone there for clarification. Who knows, maybe they found you own an interest under another tract you were unaware of.