Royalties with CNX in Greene County Pa

I was contacted in June about CNX royalties for parcels we did not know we had. We have parcels leased with EQT that have not been drilled. Very close in proximity to the leased parcels. I received a royalty check on the new parcels. The email from CNX said I would receive only one check cut around the 25th of each month. Confused about the language. Dies that mean I only get one check total or that I will receive only one check a month? I am confused. I know an attorney would be the wise thing to I obtain but I just can’t afford it.

Thank you.

Time will tell. If there are several wells on several parcels, then the company usually bundles all the properties to a royalty owner onto one check that it sends out every month until the last well dies. (instead of a check for every well) If the wells are terrible, then you may only get one check that pays one time. However, usually the first option is the common one.

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