Royalties on a dry hole

Hello, My question is in 1958 my grandfather, I assume because the well bears his last name, drilled a well. It came up dry and was plugged and covered. The oil and gas mineral rights are for 80.00000000 acres in Pottawatomie, Co. what ever that means. The lease for the rights, paid my grandparents until they passed. Then my Mother and my Uncle until they passed. Now I have had them for 7 years and never put much effort in it and haven’t received any payments. 1st why would they receive payments on a dry hole for 40-50 years? 2nd is there a way for me to find who was making the payments? Thank you for your time, Mike

If you will provide the legal description someone can provide you helpful information.

Mr. Baker, Are you asking for the location of the well?

Yes. The Section, Township & Range & also the description of where your minerals are located in the section. ie, NE/4 SE/4 of Section 9-6N-2E.


Sorry, late to get back, I’m a truck driver only 1 day a week home. Section-9 Township-7N Range-5E South half of the Southwest corner. “SWSW” Well-3512503152 Weatherford#1 Between Johnson rd. and Salt Creek Maybe that’s enough to find things out. Thank you, Mike

@Fixxrmann, yes, the Weatherford well in 9-7N-5E was plugged in the same month that drilling was completed (December 1958). It is possible that the lease had a “dry hole clause” and a “delay rental”, which allowed for payments to continue until the lease was released (1986). Lease was released by Wil-MC oil company so they may have been making the payments. Portions of the Wil-MC oil company appear to have been sold also in the late 1980’s.