Royalties In Suspense

well to begin my dad had sign a lease with an oil company in 2000, my dad died in 2002. Our issue is that there are past productions owed and the oil company are acting as if we do not exist. how do we go about getting what belongs to us. Now they had told us we need to file an affidavit of heir ship, that was done. Now there ask asking us how much interest do we have on the 125.5 acres, in which They should already know since they had signed a lease with my dad.


Friends request sent with message.

Clint Liles

I think the heirs have to file with the county---as to their "now" ownership, and also with this company if that's what it takes

Get a qualified mineral rights attorney and file a statement of claim immediately in the county where the minerals reside. Do not sign anything that landmen or oil companies send you until you have had several weeks to study your predicament and determine a prudent course of action. Shred any letters you receive from companies that want to "buy your mineral rights". These actions are just the beginning of your mineral rights odyssey. Good Luck!

Since these alleged unpaid royalties go back, presumably, as long as twelve years ago, you might check the Unclaimed Property database for the state in which the minerals are located to see if by chance the oil company sent that money to the state government after not being able to locate your dad's heirs. The chances that happened are slim since they asked you at some point to file the Affidavit of Heirship. When you say you filed it, do you mean that you "filed it" with the oil company, with the County Clerk(s) where the minerals are located, or both?