Royalties in Ok state Treasury

The Oklahoma State Treasury has royalties that my brother and I are heir to. I have filed a claim and can easily prove my/our heirship. The paperwork I received from Treasurer’s office asks for “documentation showing the listed owner owned the oil/gas property listed above.” Does this mean I need to find and provide the deed myself?

The posts I have seen refer only to affidavit of heirship. The property is in Hughes County. Any help or advice is much appreciated.

A good place to start is The digital records go back to the early 1990’s. Hunt for your ancestor’s name on oil and gas deeds, leases, etc.

yes, you will need to find the deed or probate document showing the transfer into your mother or father, etc.

Yes if it exists. Get as much info from OK Treas, such as names they show as current owners. Then you can back into a probate if necessary.

Years ago I could find my grandparents name in those online records, but I no longer can.

You may have to contact the county clerk’s office to find out why. Several of the counties that used to be online at have pulled out and have their own sites.

Here is a link to my most updated list of counties with online search access.

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