Royalties for Mineral Rights for Howard County Texas


My dad just found out he had inherited mineral rights for 557.540 acres from his dad and step mom in 2008. He has never received a payment for these royalties and has now been contacted by two companies wanting to purchase them. One had their original offer being $5000 and they jumped up to $45,000 when they found out we had a larger offer, no questions asked. Which makes me think that there is more to this than what we’re being told, and I want to make sure my parents aren’t ripped off, especially since this is the only thing he still has of his fathers. How can I go about finding out how much the royalties are? My parents are meeting with a realtor to discuss the mineral rights and I’m going to ask the attorney I work for if she has any recommendations for oil and gas lawyers. Any help is appreciated!


You’ve landed in just the right spot! This site is a gold mine of information and knowledge. You’ll need to provide the details of the land that your father inherited - section and township. There are a few good land man that visit this site and call tell you if wells are permitted for drilling in your section. That makes a huge difference in the offers you receive and how you can negotiate. You are VERY smart to EDUCATE yourself (there are a lot of people out there that will take advantage of your father). This site and the valueable knowledge that I gained was a net different of 13K per net mineral acre on a portion of minerals that I own. Without this site, I would have been clueless on how to negotiate. Stand by for the responses to come in to assist you. Good luck!


Tell your dad not to sell!



there may be royalties being held in suspense for your Father by the State of Texas and these rascals that are trying to buy his minerals know that…If he sells his minerals to them they can also claim the royalties in suspense that may amount to thousands of dollars. He needs to hire a oil/gas attorney or landman to check this out.

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Clint Liles is one of the best on this site! Follow his guidance!


Thank you everyone! I’ve searched Claimittexas and cannot find anything. I think they are sending the royalties to someone else. There was an issue with my grandfather’s ex-wife after she passed away (his third wife). I think her brother may have some how intercepted it. When my grandpa was sick, he changed all of his life insurance policies, credit card accounts, etc., and my dad had to get it straightened out. He just never knew about the mineral royalties. Do you know how I might be able to look up the information on it?



I suggest you get in touch with Charles Emery Tooke/Professional Independent Landman/Ft. Worth, Texas. I do know that he has handled cases like this and has the resources to find out what has happened to your Dad’s royalty payments. He is a Forum Member and is respected by all.

[Charles Emery Tooke]


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Great! Thank you so much!


Hi! Thank you for the reply. As of right now there are a total least 4 wells on the property producing.


Do you know where the wells are located?


Off I-20 frontage near 818. I think there might actually be 6 drills.


Alena…can you give us the Section, Block and /or Abstract number of this location?


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Hi, yes, there are actually two listed and they are available on both the Howard County CAD as well as the Martin County CAD because it is in both counties. Through Martin CAD, they are listed as:

  1. Myrtle Belle No. 1401, T1S BLK 35 SEC 14, A-939 T and P RR/ Hardin T B Leased by Scout Energy

  2. M Bell, T1S BLK 35 SEC 14, A-939, Martin (51%) Howard (49%). Leased by Crownquest - There is M Bell 1, M Bell 2, and M Bell 3.


Alena: Email sent

Clint Liles


Have you done a search at the abstract office?


I haven’t, I live near Houston and we just found out about it recently.


Thank you! I’ll be on the lookout!


I am now hooked on this story. Don’t leave us hanging. What great people here!


I definitely will! Does anyone know how to perfom a title/ deed search for mineral rights? The county CAD site says his step-mom still owns it (she and my grandpa are both deceased, which is how my dad inherited it).


Over 500. Acres in Texas? I have only 20 in Utah. Went from 2000. To 6000 an acre, In months. I still haven’t sold. Maybe I am a fool. Landmans play the game. They are here to make money. Aren’t we all. So, want it for 6000? No, only 4000. Now that I look at it. Cat and mouse… Lots of young hungry players. Don’t blame them. Wait. Or if you can use the money, sell.